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  • Relax 1000 oil consists of a CBD-rich hemp oil that comes from the buds of the non-psychoactive hemp plant. In addition to cannabidiol, a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other beneficial ingredients are present in the oil. The entourage effect would mean that the cannabinoids present, such as CBD, CBG and CBC, work together with other beneficial ingredients, such as terpenes. This would make them complement each other, creating certain properties with a specific effect. The existence of the entourage effect has not yet been thoroughly scientifically proven.

    CBD Terpene Oil is composed out of 100% natural and organic terpenes. These terpenes complement the natural terpene profile of the hemp plant.

    Keep out of reach of children and animals!

  • CBD dosage: 1000mg (10%)
  • THC dosage: <0.2%
  • Content: 10ml
  • Total added content of ‘Relax’ profile: 5%
  • Ingredients: MCT oil from coconut oil, 10% CBD (cannabidiol), 5% natural terpene profile
  • Cannabis sativa L.
  • EU Certified hemp variety
  • 100% Natural terpene profile
  • Without intoxicating or mind-altering effect
  • Store at room temperature, in a dark place and out of reach of children and animals

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